Welcome to Raimo's Freeport

Benvenuti to “The Traditional” Raimo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria! The family owned and operated restaurant has become a landmark on the South Shore of Long Island for over thirty-five years. Voted the “Best Pizza on LI” by Channel 12 News, Raimo’s has reasonable prices and great hospitality. It is where you can savor different pasta dishes, seafood, pizza and many authentic Italian delicacies prepared to order from high quality ingredients. It’s like old times! On any given day, you still see mamma Sarina mixing one of her special sauces; she might even pass by you, with a smile and say “Buon Appetito! Enjoy! Enjoy!”

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I've been going there since High School. About 38 years. Best pizzeria in Freeport. Some of the same staff is still there. Even their mom is still cooking in the back. God Bless You Guy's.

Regina Hurt

I have been eating at Raimos for over 15 years ONE OF THE BEST PIZZA JOINTS ON LONG ISLAND... This is one of the places I always make sure to visit when I am back in New York. Highly recommend you check this place out!!

Martin Marten

Great pizza and great service, I would recommend!!

Trinity Allen

Best Italian food I've ever had!! They are truly a family run place with fabulous service, amazing prices, huge portions, and a nice atmosphere. This is our new go to place for dinner. Try the sausage broccoli rabe slice and you HAVE to get the spaghetti and meatballs. Sounds boring but it's the furthest thing from it... Amazing.
Their food is very good & service is great ☺

Katy Salomon

The seafood dishes are amazing! Explodes with taste. Pizzas are addictive.....


Best Pizzeria in Freeport NY. Visiting from Florida after moving out of Freeport 20 years ago. We just had to go back.

Veronica Dilbert

Everything here is amazing. My family orders from here a couple times a month!

Brandon Greene

If you're looking for more than generous sized heroes and dinners, this is your place. The pizza is also more than worthy of being called among the best on LI. I've been dining here for over 30 years and it would be tough to say that I've ever been disappointed in the product. The staff is friendly and the owner always greets the customers. Suggested dishes: Chicken Parm hero, Veal Parm hero, Baked Ziti Sicilian style (w/eggplant), Stuffed Pizza (unreal), Fettucini Carbonara (ask for melted mozzarella on top)

Peter Allocco

Been going here since I was a kid. There are lots of places that sell pizza, but few that make pizza like they do at Raimos. Real Italian pizza with the right ingredients that make their taste unique. The slices are big and loaded with cheese. Once you've tried this pizza, you'll be coming back, guaranteed!

Alex Umanzor

My favorite pizza place on Long Island

Lena Ferguson